Useful information for foreign nationals arriving in Sochi

Taxi, Rentals, Freighters

AMD Motors Car Rental.

Avgust Hire and rental of land, air and water transport.

Avtodar Car rental and limousine service in Sochi.

Avtolux Sochi Car hire.

Cargo Express Sochi Freight transport by road from 1 kg to 20 tons.

Kapriz-Sochi Passenger transportation service.

Kareta Car rentals in Sochi and the Krasnodar region.

Kruiz - taxi 

Limuzin-service Transport services in the Greater Sochi.

Partner-Youg Car rental under the name Discovery.

Rossa Hire and rent of cars.

Taxi "Lazarevskoe" Online taxi in Lazarevskoe.

Taxi "Nika" Round the clock. The service "a sober driver." Long-distance travel.

Taxi Drive Transport services in Sochi.

Taxi Plus Passenger transport in Sochi.

Taxi Sila 

Taxi Sochi Taxi service.

TransCargo Freight forwarding company.

VIP Taxi Rent of cars with the driver, transfers.

Weekend-Sochi Transportation services; transfer; rental cars; car with a driver.

CAP Express delivery of goods to Russia.

CAR-GO! Delivery of prepackaged goods from 1 kg.

Delovye Linyi Freight forwarding company.

Eco TUST Line Cargo transportations - Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Rostov-On-Don, Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossisk, Tuapse, Anapa, Gelendjik.

ID Logistics Cargo shipping to Russia and neighboring countries.

DA-TRANS Shipping to Sochi from any city of Russia.

Laba Car rental, rent buses and minibuses.

Nordtrans Transport of goods between cities.

PEC Transportation of goods to Russia from 1 kg to 20 tons.

Saturn-M Shipping on the routes Moscow - Sochi and Rostov - Sochi.

Shipping in Sochi 

T.A.T. Cargo transportation in Russia and CIS countries, international transportation of goods from 1 kg.

Yuzhnaya Transportnaya kompanya Freight transport, delivery of concrete, the production of concrete.

ZhelDorExpeditsia Delivery of cargo at speeds of passenger trains.

ZheldorAlians Transportation of cargoes across Russia.

Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, clubs

ABBA bar Disco-bar-restaurant in a retro style.

Adriano Network of Italian pizzerias and cafes in Sochi and Adler.

Adrjano Pizzeria in the shopping center "Tatulyan".

City Wok Delivery of Chinese dishes.

Cocktail-bar Cocktail-bar in Lazarevskoye.

D.E.N. Restaurant.

Del Mar Restaurant, cafe, pizzeria. Italian and Japanese cuisine.

Duduk Restaurant. Armenian cuisine.

Dva samuraya Sushi bar.

Evelin Bar-restaurant in Lazarevsky.

Feroom Night club, bar, cafe, bowling.

Kon-Koronel The restaurant-club in Adler.

Laverna Network confectionery.

Le Chef French restaurant in Krasnaya Polyana.

London Bar with live music.

Mayak The night club.

Natasha Cafe on Vorovsky Street.

Nautilus The restaurant on the beach of sports and fitness complex "Sputnik."

Octopus Karaoke-club, restaurant.

PLOTFORMA The night club. Official site.

Prichal №1 Mediterranean seafood cuisine.

Promenad Restaurant in city centre.

RIS Chain restaurants.

Reinfo-Service Picnics and Catering in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana.


Sinee More The Mediterranean cuisine.

Teremok "Zhili-Byli" Restaurant-café in Adler.

Treugolnik Jazz-Rock-Bar.

Urartu Restaurant of the Armenian cooking.

Vosmoye nebo Cafe, restaurant, night club.

Vsyo dlya suchi Shop of Japanese cuisine.

WaTaSHi Restaurant delivery of Japanese cuisine.

Yuzhnoe more Dining in sanatoria, boarding houses, rest houses, Catering Services.

Calipso, the restaurant The Mediterranean cooking.

Hotels in Sochi and Khosta

Aledo Mini-hotel in Bytkha.

Art hotel Hotel in Khosta, approximately in 100 meters from the sea.

Assol Private hotel.

Bavaria Comfortable rest near to coast. Parking place. Conditions for carrying out business-seminars, trainings.

Bounty Hotel in centre of Sochi.

Complex "Breez" Hotel in Khosta at sea coast.

Elite-hotel Mini-hotel near Bocharov Rouchey (Villa Architect).

Gostepryimnyi dvor 

Grand Kanyon Mini hotel in Mamaysky Pereval village.

Hotel Chebotarev Hotel in Sochi.

Marins Park Hotel Four-stars hotel complex in the center of Sochi, on coast of Black sea.

Mashuk 5-star hotel near the stadium and the yacht club.

Monhotel Comfortable hotel in center of Sochi. De Luxe' rooms, sauna, restaurant, underground parking.

Nairi Hotel in center of Sochi, near to Kurortny prospect.

Olga Guest house near the sanatorium named after S. Ordzhonikidze.

Parus Hotel of yacht-club "Sochi"

Primorskaya The hotel.

Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Hotel 300 rooms, three restaurants, beach restaurant, night club, disco, lobby bar, cafe, ice cream, health and business center.

Raduga-Prestige Mini-hotel.

Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA.

Roza Vetrov Luxury hotel near to Riviera park.

Sochi-Breez Hotel and pension 

Sochi-Magnolia Hotel complex situated in the center of Sochi, close to the sea.

Solnechny veter Mini hotel in Khosta.

Teremki Cottage complex in Mamayka.

U Bocharova ruchia Mini-hotel.

U Zapolaria Hotel family type.

Utomlennye solntsem Mini-hotel.

Vaishnav hotel 

Vereschaginsky Guest house in Svetlana.

Vesna Mini-hotel in Khosta.

Villa Anna Building in style of the Scottish lock of 16 century. The country house is located in city centre Sochi near to circus and the Dendrarium park.

Viva Mini-hotel in the heart of the city.

Yuliya Mini hotel in spa zone in the center of the Sochi.

Zhemchuzhina Rest in a private hotel.

Hotels in Adler

AC-Hotel The hotel complex in the heart of Adler.

AQUA Guest house in Adler.

ARLI Hotel in Kourortny Gorodok of Adler.

Adelphia Resort hotel in the center of Adler in 20 meters from the beach.

Adelphia Hotel in the center of Adler.

Adlersky briz Private hotel.

Agro Private house.

Akbars Mini-hotel on the banks of the river Mzymta.

Akwa Mini hotel in 200 meters from the sea.

Albic Mini hotel.

Alisa Mini-Hotel in Adler.

Almira Hotel complex in the central resort part of Adler. Numbers of the raised comfort. Rent of cars.


Anzhela Hotel near Kurortny Gorodok.

Atlant 6-storey hotel complex in the 150 meters from the sea.

Ayvazovsky Hotel in Imeretinskaya lowland.


Berezka Mini-hotel.

Bridge Resort Hotel in Imereti lowland.

Chernomorsky briz Mini-hotel in Adler.

Diana Mini hotel.

Do vstrechi Mini-hotel in center of Adler.

Ekodom Network of mini-hotels in Sochi and Adler.

Ekzotik Mini-hotel.

Eling-Lux Mini-hotel in Adler.


Eva Guest house.

Flamingo Hotel 15 meters from the sea.

Flora Hotel in the SKO "Adlerkurort".

Fregat The hotel complex.

Galotel Hotel in center of Adler.

Gayane Mini hotel.

Golubaya Laguna Hotel mini.

Golubye Dali Mini-hotel in 500 meters from the sea.

Iliada Private hotel 15 meters from the sea.

Karavella Mini-hotel near to Kurortny Gorodok.

Karina Mini-hotel near Kutotrny Gorodok.

Kiwi Mini-hotel in Adler.

La-Costa The hotel is located in 30 meters from the sea in Adler area of a Sochi resort, in 3 minutes of driving from railway station " Adler" and in 10 minutes of driving from the airport.

MAXISUN Mini-hotel is 500 meters from the sea.

Magnolias' county Mini-hitel on 25 places on quay of the river Mzymta.

Malekon Hotel in Adler on silent street in 100 meters from a beach.

Margarita Mini-hotel in the 250 meters from the sea.


Mechta The resort complex.

Medovaya Hotel near to the Kurortny gorodok, in 500 meters from the sea.

Meridian Hotel in Adler.

MiLi Hotel in the center of Adler, in five minutes of walking from the sea.

MilanA Mini-hotel in 150 meters from the beach.

Mini hotel in Adler 100-150m at sea.

Mirage Hotel in Adler near Kurortny Gorodok.

Morskoi Brize Mini hotel.

Na Izvestinskoy Private minihotel is located on the territory of park of sanatorium "Izvestia".

Na Ulianova Boarding house in Adler.

ODEON Mini-hotel.

Oasis Mini hotel.


Optima The mini-hotel is located in Adler in 50 m from a beach.

Ostrov Sochi Mini hotel.

Paradiz Hotel in 10 minutes of walking up to a beach strip and Kurortny Gorodok.

Plyazh Mini-hotel.

Prestige Elite hotel in 20 meters at Black sea. Information with photos about numbers in eurostyle, the pool, the equipped beach, the business center, spent excursions. An opportunity of room reservation.

Prichal Hotel on the waterfront.

Raisky Ugolok Mini-hotel in the neighborhood "Belaya Acacia".

Reef Mini hotel in Adler at sea coast.

Renata Mini-hotel in Kurortny village.

Rita Guest house.

Ritsa Hotel for individual and family recreation.

Schtil Guest house in Adler.

Selena Mini hotel.

Sharm The hotel is located in territory of sanatorium complex "Adlerkurort". In 150 meters from the sea.

Sofia 1 and 2 Mini-hotels in Adler.

Tetis Private hotel in Adler, 60m at sea coast.

Tikhiy Guest house in Kudepsta.

U Valentiny Mini-hotel in 200 meters from the sea.

U trekh soldat Guest house.

Vesna Hotel in Kourorny Gorodok.

Villa "Adler" De Luxe rest on the Black Sea coast. Appartments, sauna, water-pool, parking.

Visiting Alice Mini hotels.

Vlada Hotel in Adler, 200m to the beach.

Yanais Hotel in Adler.

Zhemchuzhinka Mini-hotel in 100 meters from the beach. Hotels, mini-hotel and rooms for rent in Adler.

Sutkin-Sochi Mini-hotel in Adler.

Furniture and Interiors, Architecture, Development, Designe and Engineering

&Interni per la Vita Interior Design projects Sochi. Interior studio Sochi. Vertical gardens Sochi. Stabilized flowers Sochi - Дизайн интерьера, стабтлизированные цветы и растения вертикальное озеленение

A&D STUDIO SOCHI Interior Design projects.

ARDI Design studio.

AS Company Office furniture.

Aetazhi Interior studio.

Aluminy plus Manufacture and installation of aluminum railings.

Ambassador Unique works on wood, stone and metal.

Anglisky stile Salon of interior.

Anta Stained Glass Art Studio.

ArtLine Studio of furniture.

Avette Furniture Salon. Kitchens.

BISAZZA Delivery of a mosaic "BISAZZA" and products from it.

Bambuk Interier Sochi Wholesale of woven products and souvenirs.

Carpet Design Carpeting.

Center Gals Professional kitchen equipment.

Chain salons Volgograd furniture 

Chastny master Decorative ceilings, walls and elements of the drywall.

Colibri Production of furniture.

Corian-Sochi Production of interior items from acrylic stone.

Corian-Youg Production of interior items from acrylic stone.

Creazone Interior design studio.

DOMUS design Stretch ceilings.

Design Group Interior design.

Design Pro Interior Design Studio.

Domdesign Design of living environment, architectural design.

Dominanta Stairs.

Dorosh Furniture stores.

Exodum Status-ethnic furniture.

Family in Sochi Kitchen furniture.

Fortezza Dom Furniture for the house.

Fronda Mebel Office furniture.

Furniture salon of factory "Yana" Cabinet furniture for the home.

Garmonia interiera Marble, travertine, mosaic marble, travertine, interior, landscape design.

Gloss Products made of tempered glass.

Grani Design studio.

Hermitage Gallery of Furniture.

Iris-Deco Interior design studio.

Kalinka Salon of elite interior.

Kontour-SK Furniture for offices.

Krassula - Elita Floor coverings.

Legacy ru. LTD Manufacture of furniture, supply of accessories.

MOBILITALIA Representation of the Italian furniture factories.

Masterskaya Sredovogo Disayna Interior design.


Mebelnaya Collectia Interior solutions for an office.

Mika Design Interior design, painting walls, 3D.

Mir potolkov Sochi Stretch ceilings.

Paulina Boka Interior design studio.

RED Furniture studio.

Radisha Design, implementation and completion of interior.

Reform Renovation, furniture, and interior.

SKB Mebel Chain of furniture stores.

STUDIO-ROOM Creation and implementation of private, commercial and public interiors.

Seif center Dasma Cabinets, racks, metal office furniture.

Shiko Design-studio. Development and equipment of interiors.

SibTorgMontazh Sliding partitions, wardrobe, wardrobes, coupe, interior design.

Sodeko Windows, interior doors, finish hardware.

Softline Sochi Interior design studio.

Stilny Dom Salon of curtains.

Strekoza Studio of interior design.

Studio Art Deco Interior decoration with wall art painting.

Studio Tre Modern interior studio.

Style Parket Floor coverings.

Tara Manufacture of furniture by individual orders.

The house of furniture Furniture interior.

VICMADesign Interior Design.

Vegas Upholstered furniture made to order.

Visconti-A Furniture studio.

bamboo Products from natural bamboo.